Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feeding Frenzy

I fed my soul.  Kayla fed the geese.

We pass this little pond at the entrance of our neighborhood daily.  Sometimes a few times a day.  Although we live on a larger pond, these geese seem to prefer this smaller pond.  Let me clarify…not just geese…beautiful white snow geese, Canadian geese, mallard ducks and even a few sea gulls.  

For several months Kayla and I have talked about feeding the geese.  

We pass the pond at a snails pace just to look at the beautiful winged creatures.  We talk about the geese, count the geese and describe the geese…their color, whether they are swimming or not and even make observations about whether or not we think they are hungry or cold or tired.  It is a ritual I look forward to.  It’s a ritual I love. 

Rewind just a bit…Kayla and I cleaned out the pantry this week and as we were doing so we filled gallon sized Ziploc baggies full of “treats for the geese”.  What do geese eat you ask?  Well, eating from our pantry…some craisins, cheez-its {the educational scrabble kind...if only geese could read or play scrabble}, chips, crackers and walnuts.  

Today was magic.  Kayla loved feeding the geese.  She loved calling them {at the top of her lungs} “here, geese…quack, quack”.  She would squeal with delight and excitement as they got close, yet clutch my leg with uncertainty.  

Twenty minutes into our adventure I thought it was quite possible that we would be out  by our little frozen pond all day.  Kayla would reach into her bag and throw just one little treat at a time.  Not a handful…not a few…just one at a time.  She apparently wanted to make that moment in time last forever…and I have to admit, I did, too.

While we created a feeding frenzy among the geese today, we also created a soul-satisfying feeding frenzy.  These little moments of wonder…of joy…these are the moments I love.   

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  1. Love! This post brought back some amazing memories of when my two big kids were little- we used to feed the geese by our house all the time. Thanks for the smile today!