Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pinker Than Pinkalicious

With winter comes snow…lots and lots and lots of that beautifully magical white stuff.  Though the view out my window may have been white, the view inside was pink.  

My girl likes pink…no, correction…LOVES pink…pink room, pink shirts, pink shoes, pink hats, pink nails…if everything could be pink, Kayla would be one happy little girl.  So when we decided to make cupcakes she of course wanted to make them pink.  

She actually requested strawberry knowing that flavor is pink but settled on pink icing…lots of pink…pepto pink!  And what's the best part about making cupcakes?  Licking the batter off of the whisk, of course!

Rick asked her what she put on the cupcakes {probably expecting the answer icing} and Kayla said with excitement “decorations”.  Her words are amazing…and where did she get that from?  Decorations?  Love her.  

Usually she could care less about sweets {probably a good thing}…but when she makes them?  A totally different story…she eats them…no, devours them saying “I made this”.  Cutest thing ever.

Actually the cutest thing ever is this…
Rick may kill me for that one but he is the best Daddy in the world.  From tea parties to dressing up to makeup and everything in between, Rick is not afraid to play with Kayla.  While I am pretty sure he would prefer playing ball or tag or video games, it doesn’t matter what she wants to play as long as he is spending time with his girl.  I am a very lucky girl.

Waking up with day two of school closing due to snow we had to find another full day of activities…

Kayla decided she wanted to go outside to build a snowman.  This by the way is what happens when you tell a four year old fashionista to go to the coat closet and pick out her hat and gloves…ummm…yeah….

After 20 minutes of bundling and matching from head to toe...even her pink turtleneck to match her pink hat and pink scarf and pink gloves...we were on our way outside.  We made it down the first two steps when she declared "I have to potty" back inside we went...taking off hats, scarves, gloves, snow pants, pants, and undies...finally making it onto the potty.  Round two of bundling and we were on our way outside to play...

Oh we played hard.  Did you know that snow plow hills make great slides?  Fun stuff...

And my girl who doesn't really care to touch the snow let me talk her into making a snow angel...and she actually loved it {the end result at least}...

And she did a little bit {ok...a lot} of cheezin for the camera...

We played outside until we could no longer feel our faces.  When it was time to go inside we needed to find something fun to do.  Enter snow cream.  Knowing that my girl loves to create we decided to make snow cream and she got into it…way into it…

The recipe?  A bowl of snow, a few sprinkles of vanilla, some milk, and powdered sugar to taste.  Wanna Kayla-fy it?  Make it wearing a pink “chef” hat {aka outside hat} and add some pink, of course.

Add lots and lots and lots of pink!  She loved the snow cream.  She even wanted to freeze some for Daddy {which she by the way ate after showing it to him}.  These past two snow days have been filled with the good stuff...the creating, the cuddling, the playing...the everyday stuff that blends between the big memory making ones...but these are the days that mean the most...the little days...filled with love.

As I tucked Kayla into bed tonight she was full of chatter about our day and our plans for tomorrow.  And our plans?  Well...she declared "we can make decorations...hearts...and paper and cut them with scissors.  pink paper.  and we can hang them.  all over.  lots of them...".  So there you have it...guess that's a spoiler for what is to come...lots of pink hearts.

And my heart?  Well it is full...overflowing, actually.  I love my life...colorful and pink...and so full of love.  So very full of love.  


  1. Snow cream, snow angels, pink cup cakes and I get to look fancy... That sounds like an awesome day! PS, no one else can see that picture of me right?

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