Friday, December 30, 2011


It's been a year.  One year since I started this journey of blogging.  And wow...what a year it has been!  Much has happened and I have learned a lot.  Lessons on life and love continue to unfold daily...we are blessed with so much happiness, amazing family and wonderful friends.  Our life is perfect...just the way it is.  Yes, we have a child with Down syndrome...yes, she was recently diagnosed with celiac disease {and we are slowly adjusting to dietary changes}...and yes, my home is messier than I care to admit {with piles of dishes and loads of laundry often left undone}...but this is our life...this is the way it was all meant to play out...and all of it is perfect {although a maid to help with the messiness would be fantastic}.

Thank you for reading, for following, for being a part of our journey.

Much love, friends.  Much love.

Here is a little look back at my blog banners from last December until now...


  1. I LOVE those banners- if you don't mind me asking, do you do them yourself? They are TOO cute!

  2. @Patti - I do create them myself. Thanks so much! PS - love your blog...I don't always get to comment b/c I read a lot from my phone...but I love Lily! :)

  3. awww, thank you, Amy:)
    I have a reader who asked for a sponsorship spot on Lily's sidebar- she's starting a silhouette shop (on etsy I think). She's going to do one of Lily when I send her a photo- but I canNOT get Lily to sit still long enough for a profile pic that works, lol. Kayla's silhouette is just darling!
    I might just be coming to ask for your help next time I change my banner:)