Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome Rabbit

Hop…hop…hop…Oh…don’t worry…while we are extremely fond of all things cute and cuddly, we didn’t adopt a new pet. 

Yesterday we welcomed the year of the rabbit.  The Chinese New Year.  Kung Hay Fat Choy.

Yesterday we celebrated.  

Well…before we celebrated, I drove 15 minutes home and 15 minutes back because I forgot it was the new year and forgot to dress her in red…what kind of a mom would I be if she didn’t have any red on and was told to wear red?  Whew…back in a jiffy and back to celebrate…With egg rolls and dumplings and fortune cookies.  

With a dragon head and lion masks 

and musical instruments and origami and a parade.  

With singing and dressing up and pretending. 

Yesterday we swept out the old year and brought in the new with a perfect celebration.  I sat back, camera in hand {of course} and watched as Kayla sang Kung Hay Fat Choy with her friends at school.  Kayla is fortunate to attend a preschool with a very diverse population.  Her class emulates the UN….with children from backgrounds such as Korea, China, Japan, Russia, India and Iran…just to name a few…perfect diversity and culture within one small little pre-kindergarten class.  And you know what is even better?  To them they are all just friends.  They don’t see color or religion or culture or disability…they just see friends.  A beautiful thing.

Luckily with diversity brings a strong knowledge of culture.  Some moms shared their Korean and Japanese culture with the class.  How to say Happy New Year and how to write their names in Korean and how to show respect in Japan. 

Note the outfit I sent her in red = bad Mommy!
Yesterday I sat in Kayla’s class amazed.  I was amazed at how much she loves school.  How much she loves her friends.  And how much she truly fits in.  

I love this picture of Kayla and her friends playing together in the "Chinese Restaurant". 

How much her friends respect her and care for her…and don’t see her any different than any other friend.  They are such a strong class.  At one point I fought back the tears…just thinking of how much Kayla has grown in a few short years…she has grown into a comfortable, confident, intelligent and beautiful little girl.  Comfortable in her own skin.  Comfortable with who she is.  Comfortable with her abilities.  

I couldn’t help to think ahead {shame on me for thinking ahead…gets me every time}…If only I could always practice what I preach of living in the moment…instead I sat there thinking of her moving onto kindergarten next year…without these friends. 

Pushing those fears aside…I welcome the rabbit…and the diversity...and all of the beauty that has been brought into my life because of Kayla.

Keep on celebrating, friends.  My next post won’t be until Tuesday or Wednesday…but I promise it will be worth the wait…in the meantime, find something to celebrate...I'd love to hear about your celebrations...bring on the comments!

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  1. I love your comment "Comfortable with her abilities." Wouldn't it be nice if we all could feel that way! Oh, little Kayla, you have so much to teach all of us! Amy...cannot wait for the next post, have fun and "speak the truth" at the WALK! Good luck at the Plunge too!