Monday, January 3, 2011

Snuggle Bug

Sitting here in a blur of events from the past few weeks when Thanksgiving becomes Christmas and Christmas becomes New Years and then here we are moving onto life as “normal”…but what does that mean? 

To me, “normal” is just doing…just being…and just loving my girl, my husband, and my life.  I admit…I get little cleaning done around the house while Kayla is awake...even less at nap time.  During her daily {if I’m lucky} nap, if I’m not working to get an order out or photography editing done, I’m snugglin’ with my girl…I just love to snuggle with her.  How can I not?  I’m sure these days of adoring Mommy and Daddy more than anything will eventually end and it won’t be too long before she’s too cool to want to hang out with me.  So today…today I soaked up every morsel of her love for her Mommy.  She cutely requested “Mommy, you snuggle bugs wif me?”  So snuggle we did.  Usually after Kayla is fast asleep and I’ve gotten a good dose of “snuggle bugs”, I quietly slip out of the room and let her finish her nap.  Today she requested to snuggle in her new cardboard house {her little sneaky way of trying to get out of a nap in her bed}.  And while it’s gigantically oversized when looking at it from the outside {filling up practically every bit of free space in my family room}, getting in and being able to lay down proves to be more difficult.  First…there’s the door…it’s only 18” wide…and while I haven’t measured my hips lately {nor do I want to}, I’m pretty sure I’m wider from hip to hip than 18” {actually I’m positive…just trying to be kind to myself}!  So while getting inside the house had its challenges, I managed and there we were…me and my girl…snuggle buggin’ {as she calls it} on the floor…in her house.  While she fell fast asleep, I had no leg-room, my arm had fallen asleep, my sciatic nerve was on fire and still I laid there.  I focused on how precious time spent with her is {rather than the amount of pain I was feeling}…nonetheless…I couldn’t take the pain for long.  I quietly attempted to slither my way out…I shimmied my arm from under the pillow…using that arm to help myself get to one knee, then two and attempted to back out of the house.  So how does one far too oversized for a child’s play cardboard house escape {backwards} without a sleeping child hearing them?  Answer: You don’t.  Before I could even get one toe on the outside of the house she was awake…

While as much as I love snuggling with her, I love just watching her be her silly little self.  My girl just makes me giggle…with her big girl grown up ways…and her cute serious side...and so even though she woke from her nap far before I had hoped, the time we spent together was just perfect…like this moment of her talking to her MomMom {my Mom…and one of her favorite people in the world}.

So today while getting back into the swing of things was difficult, I chose to focus on the things that make me happy…my silly girl and her silly little ways…those dishes in the sink can wait…

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