Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowed-In Craftastic Kinda Day

Can I get a shout out for a snow day? 
That’s right…a whole entire day at home …a rare occurrence in the Kosmalski household!  After realizing we had the day off {much needed, I might add}, I rolled back over in bed…for about 20 minutes before I woke to “Mommy, you awake”, Kayla patting me on my leg, then my belly, then my arm, and finally moving onto shoving her finger into my eye in an attempt to lift my eyelid…and so with that, I was awake and our day began.

My girl says the funniest things at times.  Walking downstairs she exclaimed, “Mommy, I wanna eat candy from a egg”.  I paused, thinking that was a strangely odd request…wondering if perhaps I heard her correctly {I was without caffeine, after all}…and wondering if perhaps at some point Kayla had talked my Mom into using candy as an omelet fixing {hey…don’t laugh…I think my Mom would do just about anything Kayla asked her to}.  I clarified with her…“candy from an egg”?  To which she replied “yes, Mommy…I wanna egg hunt to eat candy from an egg”.  And there you have it…we are onto Easter.  Let me first explain that Christmas isn’t even over in this house.  Not even close.  In fact, it still looks like Christmas threw up all over this house.  Between trees that are still up, ornaments half down, presents everywhere, toys in every corner and everywhere in between…oh yeah…it’s a Christmas disaster in our home.

Not to skip over one very important holiday {Valentine’s Day…and our 8th Anniversary}…I explained to Kayla that was the next big holiday.  She probably didn’t remember it because there isn’t a Valentine’s Hippo that brings candy and presents like Santa and the Easter Bunny…although perhaps there should be.  With our important discussion and breakfast out of the way, our day had started.

Today we played and we played hard.

After 20 minutes of bundling…you know the layering of clothes, gloves, the scarves, the boots, and finally the coat....we were on our way to enjoy that beautiful white sparkly stuff that fell overnight…all 6 inches of it! 

Did I mention how much I love snowy boots and this ridiculously cute gigglly {is that a word?} smile...

We built a snowman…umm…I built a snowman...well, I started to build our snowman.  While Kayla is all about snowmen…and talking about snowmen…she’s not all about getting dirty, wet, or snowy.  So while she had gloves on and enjoyed giving the snowman the ‘ol pat or two, those tiny little hands played a very small part in building our snowman.  

Her voice however…oh, that cute little voice…she cheered me on the entire time {with a little bit of bossing here and there}.  “Great job, Mommy!”…“Now we need a hat!” {we didn’t even have a base, yet}…“Keep going, Mommy, keep going!”…and while our snowman isn’t quite built, yet…he {or she} is on its way.  After 8 minutes {but who’s counting} of being outside, Kayla decided she was done.  We, of course, paused to take a picture on her sled on the way in.  I guess sledding can wait for another day...

At the risk of listening to a Kayla drum solo or having to watch Barney for the 3,247th time…I opted for crafts! {enter Valentine’s}  

Remember I said Christmas isn’t even put away?  Well now we have Christmas and Valentine’s decorations taking over our home.  While I don’t have any “official” Valentine’s Day decorations out, Kayla and I made some today.  She worked very hard cutting out hearts all by herself...and she kept reminding me every time I tried to help “I do myself”…I wasn’t allowed to fold the paper or draw a heart for her to follow with scissors…she did it all by herself.  

Once again proving to me that she can and will do anything she sets her mind to.  And when she was done?  Oh, that look of joy, of pride…melts my heart every time.  She held the heart out to me “Happy New Year, Mommy, Happy New Year”…and my heart sings.  
While she didn’t say the “right” holiday, she said it with such conviction…it will indeed be a happy new year!

She then decided that I needed help cutting and helped me cut out some hearts.  We make a great team, my girl and I.  She bosses, I listen, we cut…and we cut…and we cut.  

She didn’t want to stop!  I have to say we did some amazing fine motor work today!  When I asked her what we should decorate, thinking she would tell me her room…she chose the fireplace candleholder.  With dozens of hearts surrounding us on the floor, we started to create…and this is what we created…with a little bit of paper and tape and left over Christmas cellophane…pretty cute, huh?

Kayla then decided she needed to beautify her “share time” {aka homework}…her snowflake.  {enter glitter}  Oh, I do love me some glitter.  Makes me smile.  My girl picked up the Elmer’s and went to town. 

Oh…and check out her share time note.  While I wrote her message from her dictation, she signed her name…all by herself {with just a little bit of verbal cueing}…she just makes my insides smile with pride...and amazes me everyday…

We had a great day, my girl and if I can just get the Christmas decorations put away before it’s time to start decorating for Easter.  Hope you had a snowed-in-craftastic-kinda-day…and if you’re not in a snowy climate…sending you some winter wonder, friends…

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