about me

I have always loved both photography and writing...creating this blog was a way for me to challenge myself to explore my creativity and push my abilities.  At the same time, I hope I am creating a journal of stories that can be cherished forever.

Truth be told, I wanted to blog for years before I actually got enough courage to do so.  I would sit at my computer, open the blog spot homepage and just sit.  What would I call my blog?  What would I say?  Would others read or even care?  Once I got past my fears, I named my blog Particularly Perfect and began this journey of blogging in 2010.

I came to that name after realizing {many years ago} that I am a perfectionist.  I seek for perfection in everything that I do.  It is my biggest asset and downfall all rolled into one.  Luckily for me, I was taught a very important life lesson in 2006 when my daughter, Kayla, was born.  As I lay strapped to the operating table, doctors proceeded to tell my husband what was "wrong" with our daughter, just minutes old.  I have never gotten over how they ripped those first few moments as new parents away from us but I have grown with acceptance and love for all things beautiful...and Kayla is beautiful.  And so, while she may not be the definition of perfection to most, she is to me.

Having Kayla has allowed me to see all that is perfect in this world.  She has taught me to just enjoy the here and now.  Enjoy everything the way it is...the way it was meant to be...perfect.  And yes, there are moments that suck.  Moments that are hard...but life is full of those moments...it's all about how we react to those moments.  Within the first year of Kayla's life, I cried myself to sleep more nights than I care to admit just because of her diagnosis.  Just because of my fears and because she wasn't "perfect".  What I soon came to realize is if I lived in that place of sadness and pain, that would be my reality.  By pushing forward and creating our happiness, life would be...well, happy.  And it is.  Kayla brings more joy to those around her than anyone I know.

I live in Delaware with my husband, Rick, and our daughter, Kayla.  After she was born I decided I wasn't going to return to a "real" job for a while and decided to pursue my passions to try to contribute to our family.  I opened my online boutique, The Pink Pickle in 2009 which started with just hair accessories that I loved making for Kayla {and decided to sell after many requests}.  My true passion in life is capturing moments through the lens of my camera.  I still have so much to learn....

I love the beach, Buddy Walks, planning birthday parties, playing with Kayla, decorating my house and doing just about anything that will make Kayla happy.

I know there are tons of bloggers out there, bloggers that are amazing and bloggers that inspire me daily.  I hope by reading my blog you will feel inspired to live your perfect life...just the way it has unfolded for you.