Monday, February 14, 2011

Carpe Diem

We all say it.  We all know what it means…but how many of us truly live by the mantra seize the day?  A few recent events have unfolded that have me thinking…do I seize each day or do I put off until tomorrow what could be done today?  Recently it’s been the latter.

Today was going to be a post of love and roses and valentines and the fun fluffy holiday stuff…the kinda stuff I live for.  I mean, I was married on Valentine’s Day, after all…
{picture by Clair Pruett}
And while today I focused on love, today was far different than planned.  I had planned to make a perfect gift for Rick {I can’t give the details because, well…I still want to make it}…I had planned to make an amazing dinner…I had planned to have the house all clean…and well, you get the point…I had planned to do a lot of things that just didn’t get done.  If I had made the gift when I thought of it, gone grocery shopping when I planned and cleaned as I went along instead of allowing little messes to become our current state of tornadoness {is that a word?}…well…lesson learned.  Everything took a back seat to something far more important.  Kayla.  Kayla has been sick since Friday night.  Really sick, actually.  The scary having difficulty breathing kinda sick.  The eyes running, red cheeks, red nose, snuffly, chest congestion kinda sick.  I have never in her 4 years and 9 months seen her this sick...{and she still attempted to smile through her misery}...

And my world stood still.  She clung to me and I clung to her.

Eight years ago today I stood at the altar at St. Elizabeth’s and pledged my love to the most amazing man.  I pledged forever.  And while I stood there smiling a smile that was so wide it made my cheeks hurt, I never would have imagined that “we”...the two of us…would become “we”…the three of us.  That I would someday love someone other than Rick so completely with all that I am.  And so while we {Rick and I} had plans for our Anniversary, our plans can wait…Kayla cannot.  Still sick, still struggling to breathe, we spent the night in.  Still perfect {except for her awful sickness}.  Tonight Daddy brought home dinner and dessert and cards and gifts and we celebrated…

{Jenny...I still love and use the Tiffany candle holders you gave us for our wedding...xoxo}

Today when it was just her and I, it was hard to get her to smile…but tonight…tonight with her Daddy by her side, she smiled…and smiled…and smiled {still with a yucky icky sickness…but smiled nonetheless}.  

And Mommy?  Well Mommy smiled just to see her smile…my heart is happy when she smiles...and she smiles everyday.  Oh...and I smiled for my presents!!!  I know I gave Rick the “you better never ever...I do mean never get me anything electronic ever for our Anniversary...ever" speech {you know…no blenders, toasters, treadmills, or anything of that sort}…but an iPhone...that falls under a much different category…and while others may argue, it is totally more romantic than roses or chocolate covered strawberries!

Thanks, honey.  And thank you, Kayla for my beautiful Pandora purse charm…it reminds me of you and how much you love your purses {all 17 of them…but who’s counting...}.

So while today was not the day I had planned to perfection in my mind, it was perfect.  You can’t control the things that happen to you but you can control how you react to them…so with this in mind…tonight I will hold Kayla a little tighter, I will love Rick a little bit more, and I will celebrate my life…perfect just the way it is.

And while I am celebrating, I am also mourning the loss of a great man.  Mr. Nolan, you and your family are an inspiration to Rick and I.  You have raised an absolutely beautiful and intelligent young woman.  I am so glad that I had the opportunity to chat with you at the Polar Bear Plunge Cake-Off last week {and discuss how we were both too chicken to jump in the chilly waters}…and even more honored that you compared Kayla {and her bows} to your Elizabeth when she was younger.  You will be missed by our family and everyone in the special needs community.  Thank you for all that you did for the DSA of Delaware and Special Olympics.  Rest in Peace, Mr. Nolan.

Just one more reason to seize the day.  Live, laugh and love, friends.
And to are my forever Valentine.  Happy 8 years...I love you!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to your entire family! I hope Miss Kayla feels better soon- she looks miserable, poor little one!

  2. This was the first time I looked at your blog...This made me cry! How sweet, and Kayla is a doll! You take beautiful photos!..Happy Valentine's Day and Anniversary! I hope Kayla feels better, poor baby :( She still looks as cute as ever!

  3. 1. Sweetest Valentine's Day ever! Your story is dripping with sentiment and it warms my heart. The three of you! ... let's just say I want first crack at the screenplay.
    2. When Kayla is a teenager, how loud do you think she'll exclaim "MOM!!" when she discovers you've posted pics of her sick. It may be a few years after that before she realizes how adorable they are.
    3. "Tornadoness" is totally a word.