Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daddy's Little Princess

Barely holding back her excitement, Kayla walked up the stairs as quickly as her tiny feet would move.  She scurried to her closet, sliding it open with a bang…searching for the perfect dress.  As I showed her a few options she declared that she was going to pick it out, all by herself.  Nearly 10 minutes passed {and several Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and sundresses} before Kayla made the perfect selection… her perfectly poofy hot pink tutu dress…then onto her jewelry armoire.  Because what dress would be complete without the perfect accessories?  Pulling open each drawer, reviewing the contents, then back closed.  A few dozen times and it was settled…to complete her outfit she chose a fancy pink pearl necklace, a plastic pink heart ring for her left hand, pink plastic butterfly ring for her right, and sparkly pink tiara to adorn her beautiful little head…she is Daddy’s Little Princess, after all.

All dressed up, she was ready for her date with Daddy.  Her valentine.  She was beyond eager for Daddy to come home from work to take her out.  She waited upstairs until Daddy came home to make her way down the stairs.  This time her trip downstairs was more purposeful and slow…looking through each spindle ensuring that our eyes were only on her.  With each of our ooohs and aaahs, her grin grew larger, with her rising cheeks hiding her sparkling blueish-green eyes.  Halfway down she stopped, looked down at her feet, pressed her face against the spindles and squeezing her sweet little cherub cheeks as far through as they would go…and said “Daddy, look”…then stood up straight, pointing her toe like a perfect ballerina…“glass slippers…just like Cin-rella”.  

Together they posed for a few pictures before they were off for their date... 

Daddy allowed Kayla to choose their date location.  Any guesses?  If you said McDonald’s you were right.  Daddy decided to take her to the McDonald’s at the mall…a little more fancy for his princess.  Before dinner they did a little shopping.  She strolled through Build A Bear, but wanted nothing...she explored the Lego store, but isn't much of a Lego what did she pick out to buy?  A Fancy Nancy valentine book, of course.  Nothing but fanciness for my girl.

Walking through the door she melted my heart…“Mommy…close you eyes...I have surprise for you...{never asking me to move my hands from my eyes she continued} I had the best time…I a lucky {reaching into a plastic bag}, I got you a book you read to me”…she then turned to Rick and said “thank you, Daddy, happy val-a-times day”.

Nothing can top that…it’s the little things that make my life perfect…like a fancy dress, McDonald’s dinner, a $5 book and incredible love between a Daddy and his daughter that turned an ordinary night into an extraordinarily perfect one.  Hope you are enjoying a few moments of perfection this weekend, friends.