Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When You Wish Upon A Star.

You know the lyrics...
When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are...anything your heart desires will come to you...

Just the song alone is enough to bring tears to my eyes...yes, Kayla had her ballet recital Saturday.  This was her first ever recital and I can cry just thinking another "first" has come and gone...but it came and went with the most amazing memories.  During her dress rehearsal, the ballerina next to her cried the entire time, throwing Kayla off her game.  While she didn't do much of her dance, she did, however, smile, blow kisses and wave the entire time...she clearly loves an audience!  On the day of her recital, as I dropped her off backstage and had a pep-talk with her, she confirmed that this time she was going to keep dancing.  My fear was the "domino effect" know...misery loves company so I might as well cry with my friend.  I kissed her goodbye and told her we would be sitting in the front row.  She was beaming with pride.  If only I could have taken my camera backstage {we weren't allowed to take pictures at the recital at all}...but that smile, that face is forever etched in my mind.  Her face said to me Mom, I got this.  I love this.  I am a ballerina...the best ballerina...just you wait and see.  Sitting in the front row {thank you, Mom for arriving 2 hours before showtime to save some amazing seats}, we anxiously awaited our prima ballerina.  As we were waiting, I looked over at Rick and saw the vapors.  He held them back very well but I could see he was ready to tear up.  The one thing I love about Rick more than anything is how much he loves Kayla...and it shows...everyday.  As Kayla entered the stage, she came out waving and smiling...beaming, actually...and the crowd filled with "awwwwws".  The crowd applauded and Kayla curtseyed.  Every time, actually.  If she heard clapping, she curtseyed.  She danced, doing the entire routine as perfect as a five-year-old ballerina could dance.  As the music stopped, Kayla curtseyed again and blew kisses...a lot of them.  In fact, I was waiting for the "hook" to come from behind the curtain to take her off stage.

These are pictures from her dress rehearsal {from about 50 yards away - in the excuse the quality}...

And a few portraits I took...I am so not used to seeing her without bangs and with makeup!  We were instructed that the ballerinas had to have all of their hair slicked back into a bun, wear blush, eyeshadow, mascara and eye liner.  Ever try to get black eyeliner on a five-year-old?  So fun...

I know that not much can outdo the recital...but if anything could compete, it's the beach!  The beach is one of my favorite places to washes away all of the stress and worries and drama {yes...I've got lots of stress, lots of worries, and for some reason tons of needless and ridiculous drama happening right now} away we went...just for a few days...mid-week.  My Mom, Kayla and I packed the car and headed to the beach.  Kayla's Blue-Gold buddy, Amanda, was there for senior week and wanted to play with Kayla...a much welcomed offer so this Momma could sit on a beach chair and read a magazine without chasing a five-year-old...even if for just a half hour!  They built castles, chased each other down the beach, jumped a few waves and soaked up some rays from their towels for nearly five hours!  We truly won the buddy jackpot...Amanda has just been an amazing addition to our family.  Kayla adores her and Amanda adores her right back.  Did I mention how much I adore Amanda?  She is just incredible...

My Mom got to spend a few days unwinding, relaxing and playing with Kayla.  These few days were precious and priceless...Love you, Mom!

Oh...and the boardwalk...oh how my girl loves the boardwalk!  Correction:  She loves the games...the rides, not so much.  Thanks, Mom, for starting a new obsession.  While at the arcades, my Mom kept filling her pockets with quarters.  Great because she could be independent, placing the quarters into the games (great little OT fun) and she loved doing everything all by herself.  Bad because she just thinks she can get as many quarters as she wants.  Well, she can.  Who could ever tell her no?

There is just something magical about the boardwalk.  The lights, the games, the pure joy that escapes me just from watching my girl.  And yes...I know...I could have bought about 20 of these stuffed animals for the price of the games...that's not the point.  The satisfaction in her face knowing she won them all by herself...that can't be bought...oh...and technically MomMom could have bought 20 of them since she was stuffing her pockets full of money!

And this game know the impossible game of getting the ball into one of the five colored holes...Kayla rocked it.  She landed a large and small prize.  These moments can't be bought.  That face of pure joy can't be bought...that face says I did it all by myself and that is priceless.

Another post of another first coming soon...her visit to the dentist today...and my girl rocked it!  I know, I could have put those pictures into this post...but now you have something to look forward to later!

More to come this week...may you wish upon a star...and may all your wishes and dreams come true...


  1. I love photographing the boardwalk much fun. And what are you talking about? The pics of the dress rehearsal are great! I think the low light gives it personality. And there's not a spot of graininess. I used to love to buy a roll of ISO 3200 B/W film and run around in the dark! The graininess sucked but it was cool to get low light images.
    Now as a mother to a boy...My eyebrows shot up when you said they insisted she wear all that makeup. WOW. She's such a gorgeous girl...I mean she doesn't even need it?! Was it for the experience?
    Anyway, lovely post.

  2. Kayla is such a beauty! And I love the pig-tail buns you always put her hair back in. My heart melts seeing little girls and ballet, can't wait for our first recital :)

  3. Your posts always make me feel happy :)