Friday, April 1, 2011

Zingo Girl

It's Spring Break and we have lots going on here...promises for a long post to come filled with our activities {all indoor thanks to the lovely weather and the fact that Kayla is sick}...but nothing slows us down.  We can have fun in a cardboard house with some playdoh, a miniature tea party set, some goldfish and apple juice...just the little things.  So while I promise to post soon with all of our happenings, I am just dropping by to share a short video of my genius.  She loves to play games {especially Zingo} and she loves to read but she has suddenly taken interest in breaking the words down into letters...suggesting to me that she gets started a few weeks back when she saw the stop sign and said "S-T-O-P spells stop" here's a little look-see at my amazing princess...

...seriously...could she be any cuter???  Oh...and while this video only captured "cat"...she went onto spell pig and sun...and I smiled...oh how I smiled...and I am still smiling...beaming with pride. 

Lots more in the coming days...I promise!  My pillow is calling my name... 


  1. i love her - gia loves her - she keeps asking when is she going to meet her friend kayla!!! Amy and RIck - you are such wonderful parents and to think I remember when you all got together!!!!

  2. How adorably precious is she!!! I love how excited she gets at the end!!!

  3. It was a great day. The pure joy and excitement that I experienced was unexpected and unforgettable.

  4. omg, Amy, I am laughing with tears in my eyes! You have captured a TREASURE of a video! How very smart she is and how cute! Her language is amazing!!!!! Thank you for telling me to check it out! And now to share it with Pop-Pop!