Sunday, April 24, 2011


Tonight I am thankful.

Thankful that Kayla was not in the car with me Tuesday night.  For the record, slamming into a concrete pole at just 5 mph really hurts.  Note to self: always buckle up...even if you are just driving to the next row over at the mall.

I am thankful that Kayla got to meet Lila {and I was able to catch up with her Mommy, Linda}.  They were passing through Delaware on their way to New York and we were able to get together for lunch and sweet memories of our girls playing together...

So thankful that my hubby bought me a "just because" gift...a watch he picked out all by himself...

Thankful that when Kayla fell asleep at the top of the steps she didn't roll over and fall down them.  My mom has a picture of me falling asleep eating and now I have this...

I am thankful that my girl needs no reason to dress up...jammies, a hat and a ridiculously cute smile...the perfect accessory for breakfast at 7am.

Thankful that Kayla's birthday party details are falling nicely into place...

Thankful my friend, Kristi, and her husband, Dave, welcomed a healthy 8 pound, 12 ounce...22 inch baby girl, Lily Ryan.  A beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl.  Her middle name, Ryan, is a family name.  Ryan was Kristi and Dave's nephew...he recently passed away just a few months shy of his high school graduation.  An incredible tribute to the memory of an amazing young man.  

I am thankful that Spring has finally sprung...enjoying the sights of this much welcomed season!

Thankful to have spent two days this week photographing some ridiculously cute kiddos {tell me you don't want to just squeeze on the first two}...

So thankful to have spent a little bit of time with my favorite speech therapist...Kayla just adores 'Aunt Sarah' {but still wanted to spend time with Johnny Walker...the man...not the liquor}...

Just 3 months old, I am thankful that baby Natalie's open heart surgery was a success!

I am so thankful for how adorable Kayla's personality is these days.  How she says the funniest things like...when I "ordered" a meal from Kayla's cafe she told me "It'll be a few minutes...I'm all alone today".  Or when I ask her if she will draw me a picture and write her name she says things like "Sure, no problem"...
So thankful to be spending time with those I love this Easter weekend.  Thankful to be soaking up all that is wonderful in this world...for those of you that celebrate, hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend and that the Easter Bunny leaves you special treats and wonderful memories...


  1. Love the photos! Great stuff! Happy Easter!

  2. great post - it was so nice running into you last night. have a great Easter and can't wait to see you at the walk.

  3. Happy Easter! Thanks for the posts and the pics! Makes me thankful to know you and your family!!!!
    Debbie Torbert

  4. What an awesome post, put a smile on my face. The pictures are so adorable and Kayla is amazing. Dawn Weaver

  5. Cutest post ever!! Love the picture of her asleep at the top of the stairs, lol...And I LOVE the name Ryan for a girl! If Russell was a girl that was one of the names I was pushing for :) Happy Easter!

  6. i am so glad to see among all the people on fb who always complain about everything, there is someone who can sit and put all the things they ae thankful for down. I wish more people could do this.