Monday, October 17, 2011

Bieber fever

It's cute.  Really cute.  My girl has Bieber fever.  For those of you that don't know what Bieber fever is, I'll assume you live under a rock...but just to clarify, Bieber fever is the description of those that are extremely fond of Jusin Bieber, the singer.

I have to say, girl is already far more advanced than I was at her age.  She actually pays attention to music - the name of the song, the artist and most of all the lyrics and learns them - all of them...not just pieces of the chorus.

I'll take you back a few years to 1982.  I was five.  The singer?  Michael Jackson.  The album?  Thriller.  The song?  Beat It.  Don't laugh.  I don't know why I loved that song but I did.  I rocked a white fringe shirt...yes, I said fringe shirt...and I rocked it...with it's purple plastic beads attached to each fringe and the words Beat It splashed across the front in purple and black glitter.  I thought knew I was cool.  I would sing everywhere I our wood paneled station wagon, our 1970's yellow kitchen, sitting on the shag carpeting of my bedroom...everywhere... "Just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it"...followed by a made-up, I had no idea what the words were..."no one la la mmmm eated.  Show 'em whose funny, hmmm, hmmm mmm fight"....then right back into "beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it"...over and over and over again.

My girl?  She knows the words to her favorite song "Baby".  So while I must have driven my Mom crazy just singing two words over and over and over again, Kayla's singing is music to my ears.  I love hearing her sing the words to the song {complete with hand motions and hip shaking}...teaching me most of them, to be honest!

While she loves his music, that is not the only reason she has been diagnosed with Bieber fever...
You have to eat, sleep, breathe, think, talk Bieber to be diagnosed...and she has...
In fact, if you ask her what she likes about Justin Bieber she will likely respond "his blond hair".  I guess she already has a "type"...even at just five years old.

There are numerous situations that prove she has the are just a few...
During school one day, Kayla was paying attention to a friend, Carly.  Her teacher quickly asked her "Kayla...are you be worried about Carly or are you worried about Kayla"?  Her response..."I'm worried about Justin Bieber".

Dressed in her Justin Bieber pajamas for Pajama Day at school, Kayla from the back seat of the car..."Mommy, I get to wear my Justin Bieber pajamas to school today?" which I reply "yes you do"...her response?  "How cool is that??????"

For a mom that admittedly doubted if her child would ever be the "same" or be "typical"...It's cool...very cool.

Here is a clip of her singing and dancing along at the Boardwalk Buddy Walk at the Rehoboth Beach bandstand in front of a crowd of hundreds {that blog is still to come...I am way behind}...The little boy in the clip is my future son-in-law, JJ.  As he played with her tutu, Kayla stopped singing and exclaimed "Mommy, JJ likes my skirt" and went right back to singing and dancing.  Hilarious.

While you're watching...go know you wanna sing along...
Baby, baby, baby, ooooooh
Like baby, baby, baby, noooooooo
Like baby, baby, baby, oooooooh
Thought you'd always be mine, mine......


  1. Love it!!!! u guys!

  2. Bieber fever is very contagious especially when spread by a little cutie!

  3. JJ? What about Nicholas? Ha! Kidding! She looks great up there! When are YOU going to arrange a meeting of Justin and Kayla? If anyone can get it done it is you!